We help design teams make great products

5 reasons to use Makersco

  • Get your product to market faster
  • Reduce overhead cost of operational support
  • Use our network of subcontract manufacturers
  • Get comparable estimates for parts & assemblies
  • Reduce inventory with local batch production
The team at Makersco have helped develop my barstools, from prototype to product distribution, resulting in a high quality product. Their local knowledge, experience and contacts have been invaluable.

Felicity Dessewffy, Dessewffy Furniture, Melbourne, Australia

What we do.

Makersco is a supply chain management company that specialises in outsourced manufacturing and distribution for design businesses. We do product development project management and product design support.

We help creative people manage the manufacturing and distribution of their designs so they can get their ideas onto the market faster, with easy-to-use software and great support.

We save you time and money. More importantly, we provide the missing know-how you need to turn your dream business into a reality. And there’s no fixed overhead: you only use us when you need us.

Our services.

CAD Drawings

Make your concepts and sketches into technical drawings using our CAD service. Experienced CAD engineers will produce specification-ready 2D and 3D files for prototypes and manufacture.

Prototypes and pilots

Save time and money by making low-cost prototypes and pilots (small batch production runs) while you are developing and marketing your idea, using our tried-and-tested prototype service.

Request For Quotation

Get competitive quotes from qualified subcontractors so you can base your manufacturing partner selection on quality and price.


We believe the spec is your most important business asset: use it to define your product and set the parameters for subcontractors, partners and licensees. We’ll turn your idea into a solid spec.

Supply chain design

Where will you get your products made? How will you bring components together for assembly, packaging and distribution? We’ll help you make the right choices as your business scales.

Cost analysis & pricing strategy

See how your design and manufacturing decisions impact production costs in real time. Use our calculator to compare your price strategy to your input costs and make sure there is a profit margin for the goods you sell.

Here's a selection of the projects we have managed since 2010.

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