Positioning consultants

Makersco helps agencies, studios and consultancies with large clients to understand and anticipate what their clients need.

We also help you to structure and manage your operations and communications so you can deliver a more focused service.

Contact us now to schedule a call and find out how you can take advantage of our many years' experience in positioning companies for growth.

We have advised more than 250 businesses through the British Library's Innovating for Growth Programme.

Positioning helps you achieve three things


  • Segment your market and focus your resources on the best prospects for growth
  • Offer value directly where your customers need it the most
  • Optimise your pricing model and marketing to reflect your best opportunities

Long term value

  • Build long term relationships with good customers to increase recurring revenue
  • Understand and anticipate the changing needs of your customers so that you stay essential to them
  • Launch new products and services that loyal and valuable customers will love

Faster growth

  • Pinpoint early adopters and influencers so you can create new things for the right people
  • Respond to deep customer feedback so you don't waste time on the wrong work
  • Reduce delay and speed up time to market so you can launch faster and start selling sooner